Christopher A. John


Mr. Christopher ("Chris") John has over 35 years experience in the oil pipeline, natural gas pipeline, and electric utility industries. Mr. John began his career in the energy industry in 1979 when he was employed by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. During Mr. John's tenure at the Commission, he served in various positions of increasing responsibilities, including the technical advisor to Commissioner Breathitt from 1998 to the time of his retirement from the Commission in September, 2002. Mr. John is presently serving as a Vice President of Brown, Williams, Moorhead & Quinn, Inc., a leading energy consulting firm with offices in Washington DC and Houston TX.  

In October 2002, Mr. John began his employment with Brown, Williams, Moorhead & Quinn, Inc. He has provided technical and/or policy assistance to numerous natural gas pipelines, oil pipelines, electric utilities, local distribution companies and customers thereof:

  • Expert testimony on interstate natural gas pipeline rate, tariff and policy issues;

  • Development of compliance manual for interstate natural gas pipelines;

  • Development of company-specific compliance plans for interstate natural gas pipeline and storage companies;

  • Support in FERC enforcement proceedings;

  • Development of market power studies for market-based rate applications;

  • Development of full FERC Gas Tariffs for interstate natural gas pipeline and storage companies;

  • Assistance in the development of documents in support of new projects, including transportation service agreement, construction-related issues and protocols and development of cost of service and rate/tolls for new certificate projects;

  • Development of rate models and Statements of Operating Conditions for intrastate natural gas pipelines providing interstate natural gas service;

  • Support in development of filings for intrastate natural gas rate proceedings;

  • Development of initial rate models for FERC jurisdictional oil pipeline proceedings;

  • Development of Rules and Regulations for oil pipeline companies;

  • Support for FERC eFilings made by interstate natural gas and storage companies, intrastate natural gas companies, oil pipeline companies and electric utilities;

  • Provided electric and gas clients with updates and input on current rulemakings, rate/toll policies and other issuances relevant to their business;

  • Support and advice on due diligence matters.

From 1998 to the date of his retirement in September, 2002, Mr. John was directly involved in advising Commissioner Breathitt on every major rulemaking undertaken by the Commission, including Order Nos. 637 and 2000, and pipeline certificate rulemakings. In addition to oil pipeline and natural gas pipeline policy matters, Mr. John was also extensively involved in electric policy matters. Mr. John was primarily responsible for all rate-related and rate of return issues for Commissioner Breathitt's Office.

Mr. John has also been responsible for preparing presentations and responses to Congressional Inquiries and has advised the Commission on complex economic, accounting, operational and legal issues in oil pipelines, natural gas pipeline and electric utility that involved the establishment of major policies. In addition, Mr. John hosted and made presentations on electric and natural gas issues to international regulatory delegations. In April 1994, Mr. John was assigned as a team leader in FERC's Division of Pipeline Rates - West. In this position, he was responsible for drafting memos and orders as well as advising the Commission on numerous complex oil pipeline and natural gas pipeline rate and tariff filings. From January 1989 until April 1994, Mr. John was assigned to the Allocation and Rate Design Branch in FERC's Office of Pipeline and Producer Regulation. In that position, he provided expert technical analysis in numerous pipeline rate proceedings on complex rate design and tariff issues.

Mr. John served in the United States Navy from 1972 until 1975 as an electronics technician. Mr. John earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics and Accounting in 1979 from Frostburg State University, in Frostburg, Maryland.

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