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Public Utility Advisory Services

BWMQ advises clients across a wide range of economic and regulatory subjects helping to guide decision-making prior to Commission filings and acquisitions.

Regulatory & Tax Accounting Guidance

BWMQ has the knowledge and experience with regulatory accounting and tax issues that you need to address regulatory policies concerning tax recovery and rate base computations under particular business structures and the impacts of important developments, such as acquisitions, tax rate and base changes. BWMQ can assist you with corporate and partnership tax reorganizations and the related income tax implications.

  • FERC Accounting
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Utility Tax Accounting

Market Power Analysis

Brown Williams provides consulting services on a wide variety of competition and market power issues that present both opportunities and challenges to industry participants and regulatory agencies, including the FERC. We have the expertise and personnel to help you, whether you are trying to take advantage of a new opportunity, protect yourself against a competitor, or evaluate the market from a regulatory or antitrust perspective.

  • Market-Based Rates Consulting
  • Market Power Assessments and Supporting Testimony
  • Market Power Mitigation

Mergers & Acquisitions Assessments

Mergers and acquisitions are subject to regulation by the Department of Justice, the Federal Trade Commission and in many instances by other regulatory agencies. We provide testimony, expert advice and economic studies to enable you to achieve approval of these transactions. We provide information to providers of financing for these transactions to enable you to clear the due diligence financing process.

Litigation Support

BWMQ supports clients with expert witness representation on almost all aspects of FERC administrative law rate cases.

  • Cost of Service
  • Depreciation
  • Terminal Decommissioning
  • Cost Functionaliation
  • Cost of Capital
  • Income Tax Allowance
  • Billing Determinants & Rate Design
  • Cost Allocations

FERC Compliance

BWMQ advises clients on numerous FERC compliance matters to ensure adherence to NAESB standards, section 7 certification conditions, and various section 4 settlement conditions.

  • Certificate Conditions
  • Forms & Reports
  • BWMQ Interstate Natural Gas Pipeline FERC Compliance Manual
  • NAESB Requirements
  • Tariff Terms & Conditions

Certificate Applications

Energy infrastructure is the backbone of the energy industry, providing the foundation for reliable service offerings and the operational flexibility customers have increasingly come to expect. Regulatory processes are evolving toward earlier communication with stakeholders to identify and resolve issues, as well as coordination and concurrent action among agencies responsible for various aspects of the project. BWMQ has the expertise to guide you through the certificate process and reach a successful conclusion. We stay current with regulatory developments and will advise you on how any new policies and regulations might affect your project. BWMQ provides clients with assistance in preparing Natural Gas Act (NGA) Section 7(c) certificate applications for new energy projections in compliance with FERC regulations. The Natural Gas Act requires a showing of “public convenience and necessity” for acquisitions or abandonments that materially impact the services provided to ratepayer. BWMQ guides clients through the policies and precedents that shape the application processes and Commission decisions on granting section 7 filings.

FERC Uniform System of Accounts

BWMQ aids both intrastate and interstate utilities employing FERC’s Uniform System of Accounts. Such assistance includes mapping internal accounts to appropriate FERC accounts necessary in providing utility services, provides assistance to clients establishing or revising internal accounting manuals and providing T-account solution for complex accounting transactions.