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    FEATURED EXPERTISE Natural Gas Act Section 4 and 5 Rate Case Support and Testimony Continue Brown, Williams, Moorhead & Quinn, Inc. (BWMQ) is a nationally recognized energy consulting firm based in Washington, D.C. We offer technical, economic, and policy assistance to the various segments of the natural gas pipeline industry, oil pipeline industry and electric utility industry on business and regulatory matters. More About Us EXPERTISE BWMQ provides its clients with professional and technical support covering a wide range of regulatory, policy, economic and rate making issues facing market participants in the energy industry, concentrating on interactions with FERC and state regulatory commissions. More Info CONSULTANTS BWMQ's team of experts provides analytical expertise and advocacy on behalf of clients across a wide range of energy issues. More Info INDUSTRIES BWMQ provides consulting services to all segments of the natural gas, electric transmission, and petroleum industries, including natural gas pipelines, local gas distributors, marketing entities, producers, end users, government entities and trade organizations. More Info CONTACT US For General Inquiries, please e-mail us at , or use the contact form located to the right. ​ Primary Contact - David Haag, CEO 1155 15th Street NW Suite 1004 Washington, DC 20005-2706 Tel: (202) 775-8994 Fax: (202) 223-9159 Enter Your Name Enter Your Email Phone Company Enter Your Subject Choose an option General Inquiry Rates and Revenue Requirements (Allocation & Rate Design) Regulatory Analysis (Gas, Oil, and Electric) Market Based Rates (Gas and Oil) Market Analysis (Gas, Oil, and Electric) Cost of Capital and Return on Equity Depreciation and Negative Salvage Value Asset Evaluation and Risk Management eTariff Filings EQR Filings arrow&v Submit Thanks for submitting!

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    Alex Kirk Mathematician Economist Mr. Kirk holds a B.S. in Mathematics and Economics from Linfield College, and a Masters in Economics from the University of Washington, with a focus in econometrics and natural resources. Since joining BWMQ in 2007, Mr. Kirk has testified on issues involving natural gas supply and demand, pipeline competition, and cost-of-service levelization for natural gas pipeline rate cases. At BWMQ, Mr. Kirk has also assisted clients with storage and pipeline market-based rate applications, economic life determination for natural gas pipelines, business risk, rate design and both traditional and levelized cost-of-service modeling. ​ Prior to joining BWMQ full-time, Mr. Kirk was an instructor for Principles of Microeconomics and Natural Resource Economics courses at the University of Washington. Mr. Kirk also participated in environmental tort litigation consulting with Greenfield Advisors, and economic analysis at the Oregon Economic and Community Development Department. CV and Summary of Managed Cases

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    Alan C. Heintz MBA Economist Mr. Heintz has extensive experience in open-access transmission tariffs, rate design, ancillary services, reliability-must-run agreements, electric and gas traditional cost of service, nontraditional pricing methods (e.g., formula rates, MW-Mile, opportunity cost, incremental cost, incentive/ disincentive rates, and market-based rates), terms and conditions of service, and transmission pricing strategies. At BWMQ, Mr. Heintz has continued his work with ISOs and RTOs, ancillary services rates, terms and conditions, cost of service, direct assignment facility costs, wholesale and retail distribution rates, fuel adjustment clauses, power sales agreements, and transmission tariffs and agreements. ​ Before joining BWMQ, Mr. Heintz was a Vice President at Stone & Webster Management Consultants, Inc. and R.J. Rudden Associates, Inc., where he worked with numerous utilities on matters relating to transmission, power sale and ancillary service issues associated with FERC’s Open-Access Transmission NOPR and Orders 888-889. In addition, he was actively involved with the formation of ISOs. In particular, he served as a consultant to the Pricing Work Group of the Midwest ISO, MAPP ISO – Rates & Tariff Task Force, DesertSTAR, American Transmission Company, Trans-Elect and to participants in the Alliance RTO, GridFlorida, GridSouth and SPP. His consulting work for those groups involved providing advice and assistance on matters such as transmission and congestion pricing, treatment of pre-existing arrangements, losses, and ancillary services, as well as non-rate terms and conditions. ​ Prior to his employment at Stone & Webster, Mr. Heintz was Section Chief - Rate Filings Branch of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). During his 10 years at FERC, Mr. Heintz oversaw the review of thousands of applications by utilities to FERC. Additionally, he performed the primary review of numerous open access transmission tariffs, the ERCOT and MAPP MW-Mile transmission pricing methods, numerous cooperative utility filings after they had paid off their Rural Utilities Service debt and became FERC jurisdictional. Mr. Heintz also presented a yearlong training course for FERC staff on cost of service, rate design, cost support, terms and conditions, and FERC regulations. ​ Mr. Heintz has spoken at numerous conferences or workshops on issues such as pricing (transmission, power, and ancillary services), regulatory changes stranded costs, and ISO and RTOS. Mr. Heintz also has testified before a number of regulatory bodies. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Business and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Colorado and a Masters of Business Administration from George Washington University. CV and Summary of Managed Cases

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    Edward C. Gallick, Ph.D. PhD Economist Dr. Gallick has over thirty years of experience in developing and managing complex analyses of market power, antitrust, and competition issues in regulated and unregulated industries at Federal Regulatory Agencies. Dr. Gallick’s areas of expertise include development of competition analyses for market-based rate proposals in the natural gas pipeline, oil pipeline, and electric industries; merger analyses in regulated and unregulated industries; exclusive dealing arrangements, nonprice payments; and development of litigation strategy and expert economic testimony. ​ Before joining BWMQ, Dr. Gallick was the Manager in the Competitive Analysis Group, Office of Administrative Litigation at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in Washington, D.C. Dr. Gallick established precedents in litigated and nonformal proceedings on how to analyze market power issues and developed the economic framework to determine whether market power concerns exist in natural gas pipeline, crude oil pipeline, and electricity markets. Dr. Gallick planned litigation strategy in competitive analysis and market power proceedings at the Commission. Dr. Gallick reviewed, edited, and approved all testimony on all substantive issues concerning competition, market power, and efficiency for the Office of Administrative Litigation. Dr. Gallick conducted seminars on market power issues, and advised the Commission on criteria for assessing market power in geographic markets in both origin and destination markets. ​ Dr. Gallick's research on market power issues has resulted in the publication of two books. While at the FTC, Dr. Gallick published a book that concluded that the market for U.S. harvested tuna was competitive despite a market structure that appeared to be dominated by only three buyers of tuna (i.e., possible "monopsony" market power). While at the FERC, Dr. Gallick published a second book that estimated the potential effect of entry on the level of competition in the relevant geographic markets for delivered natural gas under the assumption that price and entry regulation is removed. ​ Prior to his employment at BWMQ and the FERC, Dr. Gallick worked at the Federal Communications Commission and the Federal Trade Commission. He holds a BA in Economics from the California State University at San Francisco, an M.A. in Economics from UCLA and a Ph.D. in Economics from UCLA. CV and Summary of Managed Cases

  • Alan R. Lovinger | BWMQ, Inc.

    Alan R. Lovinger MBA Accounting Mr. Lovinger has more than thirty years experience in the energy field. He was employed by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission from July 1976 through February 1998, when he left to join BWMQ. As a Staff Accountant, he specialized in cost of service matters with an emphasis on income tax matters. Mr. Lovinger gained knowledge in the income tax field through employment with the Internal Revenue Service as an Internal Revenue Agent for more than six years. ​ Mr. Lovinger provided expert testimony on accounting and accounting-related policy matters before the Commission. He also provided expert testimony on tax matters before the Commission and has provided accounting and tax advice and assistance on projects involving construction of facilities to serve new or expanded markets. Mr. Lovinger was involved in the Commission’s activities on such matters as competition, restructuring, stranded costs and market based rates. ​ Mr. Lovinger has represented the Commission in dealings with the Internal Revenue Service on income tax issues that arose in various rate proceedings. He also assisted the Commission on rulemakings for such cost of service matters as tax normalization, cash working capital and Post Retirement Benefits other than Retirement. ​ Mr. Lovinger received a B.S. in Business Administration with a major in management from Bryant College, Rhode Island, in 1965 and did graduate work at Texas Tech University majoring in Accounting. CV and Summary of Managed Cases

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    Teresa C. Douglas Research Analyst / eTariff Manager Ms. Douglas has over 35 years experience in the energy industry. She has been with Brown Williams Moorhead & Quinn Inc. since its inception in 1986, and was employed by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission from 1982 to 1986 in the Office of Pipeline Producer Regulation. Ms. Douglas has extensive knowledge of energy databases and reference materials from which to extract pertinent information in a timely manner. She has provided technical assistance to BWMQ’s consultants in the development of spreadsheets used for cost and ratemaking analysis. In addition, Ms. Douglas possesses a thorough knowledge of FERC’s filing requirements and has assisted clients with electronic filings in various tariff, certificate and rate applications submitted to the FERC. Pursuant to FERC Order 714, many filings and submittals to FERC are required to use the electronic XML schema format. In order to make electronic filings, each regulated entity is required to obtain a company ID and password. Ms. Douglas has assisted clients with their company registrations with FERC to obtain their unique Company ID and passwords and she has also assisted with revisions to company registrations due to company name changes and/or change of address. Ms. Douglas operates BWMQ’s proprietary eTariff software program that supports natural gas, electric, and oil pipeline industry electronic filings, to create XML packages as required by FERC Order 714. She has created hundreds of XML packages and tested them on FERC’s “sandbox” test site for accuracy and troubleshoots any and all errors until corrected. After the testing process, the client is given the option to either make the filing themselves or Ms. Douglas can make the filing on their behalf, once she is designated as a filing agent in the company's registration with FERC. ​ Also, FERC has implemented a new filing process for filing Electric Quarterly Reporting (EQR) Filings beginning with the reporting of the 3rd Quarter for 2013 (October 2013). The change was implemented due to technology changes that rendered the filing process in use obsolete. Instead the Commission has adopted a web-based approach to filing EQRs that will allow a filer to submit EQRs directly through the Commission’s website as per Order No. 770, Revisions to Electronic Quarterly Report Filing Process, FERC Stats. & Regs. ¶ 31,338 (2012). Ms. Douglas is available to assist clients with their EQR filings in a cost effective manner, using the new EQR filing requirements, as set forth by FERC.

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    Public Utility Rate Regulation BWMQ advises clients regarding the complex arena of regulatory policies and procedures in the development of cost-based rates, market-based rates, tariff provisions, asset acquisitions, depreciation & negative salvage rates, terminal decommissioning rates, and tax allowances.

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    Patrick R. Crowley Economist Patrick Crowley is a regulatory energy consultant with over 40 years experience as an economist and expert witness in energy litigation as an independent consultant and an analyst with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in Washington, D.C. Mr. Crowley established Crowley Energy Consulting in 2007, offering technical analysis and expert testimony in energy litigation involving natural gas pipeline, oil pipeline, and electric transmission matters before federal and state regulatory commissions. Mr. Crowley will be located in our Washington, DC office. ​ As a private consultant, Mr. Crowley provided cost of service studies, depreciation studies, rate design models, and comparative cost studies for numerous clients. Mr. Crowley prepared and filed written testimony, affidavits, and comments before FERC, and provided oral testimony supporting his filed positions in numerous rate case proceedings. ​ While an employee at FERC, Mr. Crowley filed written testimony and was cross-examined in numerous rate case proceedings, participated in hundreds of settlement negotiations, prepared and reviewed discovery for litigation, prepared and filed supporting exhibits and documentation in litigated rate cases, and led multi-disciplinary teams in rate case analysis and the investigation of energy market abuses. ​ Mr. Crowley graduated from DePaul University in Chicago with a Bachelor of Arts in economics in 1976 and a Master of Arts in mathematical economics in 1978. He joined the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in 1979. He held various positions within the FERC, gaining proficiency at long-term natural resource discovery & production forecasting, actuarial analysis of physical plant life span expectancies, depreciation accounting, regulatory cost-of-service rate making, rate base composition, cost allocation methodologies, partnership income tax allowance, energy market bidding platforms and strategies, pipeline rate design, master limited partnership income allocation structures, market power analysis, and market anomalies investigation. CV and Summary of Managed Cases

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    Highlighted Services Although BWMQ offers clients a variety of services and guidance, some of our most popular services include:

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    Public Utility Filing Services BWMQ provides its clients assistance with making regulatory filings, compliance with FERC regulations, and offers training.

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