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Highlighted Services

Although BWMQ offers clients a variety of services and guidance, some of our most popular services include:


BWMQ assists in the setting of “proper and adequate” depreciation rates with an assessment of the remaining economic life of the facilities as well as the retirement distribution curve for plant in service.

Terminal Decommissioning

BWMQ provides the terminal abandonment cost that will be incurred upon the end of the facility’s useful economic life, which must be recovered from today’s ratepayers.

Business Risk & Rate of Return

BWMQ assists clients in assessing their business risk, determining appropriate proxy groups, and supporting the appropriate return on equity in NGA Section 4 and Section 5 cases.

Market-Based Rates for Natural Gas Storage and Hub Services

BWMQ has unsurpassed experience assisting clients in obtaining market-based rate authorization at the FERC for natural gas firm and interruptible storage service, firm and interruptible wheeling service, and other hub services. BWMQ assisted an applicant in receiving market-based rate authorization in the only fully-litigated natural gas storage market-based rate petition.

FERC Income Tax Assistance

WMQ assists clients with all areas of state and federal income tax issues, such as income tax allowance, accumulated deferred income taxes (ADIT), and excess differed income taxes (EDIT).