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Gary A. Grasso


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Gary has over 45 years of experience in providing technical and policy assistance to various segments of the energy industry on project evaluation and rate and regulatory matters.  The focus of his expertise is in the oil, natural gas, and electric power industries, and he has extensive experience in the oil pipeline ratemaking arena.  Mr. Grasso has a strong quantitative and analytical background and has focused on cost-of-service ratemaking and policy issues, market-power analysis, depreciation studies, and due diligence projects, among other areas.

Mr. Grasso also has provided extensive litigation support and expert testimony for clients before state and federal regulatory commissions and courts.  He has provided expert testimony and has been cross-examined on oil pipeline rate and policy matters before the Federal Regulatory Energy Commission and State regulatory commissions.  He has also provided expert reports and oral testimony on ad valorem tax matters, specifically addressing cost of service matters as they relate to the income approach to pipeline valuation.

Through his participation in regulatory cases, Mr. Grasso has provided strong support in developing, writing and reviewing discovery matters, and has extensive rate modeling experience in developing support for cost of service cases.  He also has participated in many settlement and mediation negotiations in oil and natural gas cases, utilizing his analytical skills to support clients in addressing complex problems to achieve desirable outcomes. His work on various oil pipeline cases in Alaska since the 1990s to date has been instrumental in developing today's regulatory cost of service paradigm in the State, and his work at the Alaska State and Federal level was instrumental in implementing a new cost of service methodology for developing rates on the Trans Alaska Pipeline System.

Mr. Grasso has a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from George Mason University.

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